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          Educators from the Mexican school Instituto Cumbres Bosques recently visited 体育投注开户 to learn about our STEAM program and discuss opportunities for student collaboration and academic partnership. The visitors included the Cumbres Bosques STEAM Director & Makerspace Coordinator, Robotics Coach and Instructor, and Dean of 学生们. They toured the Cohen Center for the Creative Art, spending significant time in the makerspace, and then made their way to the Upper School Innovation Lab. 体育投注开户 Middle and 上学校 teachers and Cumbres Bosques faculty discussed the possibility of collaborating on makerspace projects, robotics teams, the Young Physicist Tournament, and the 中学 Fabulous class. This global effort is part of an initiative to integrate STEAM and 全球研究 to expand awareness and ensure that students are enabled to think and learn as broadly and as creatively as technology will allow.

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