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          一个学前班 - 12年级的男女同校的独立日学校在威彻斯特,纽约



          Rising senior Eesha Narain '21 organized an all-school Coalition of Solidarity meeting, a special meeting of the Coalition of Differences initiative which was launched in fall 2020. Over 90 students, faculty, and staff gathered virtually to process and share together in community. Students thoughtfully shared their perspectives and experiences on the topics of racism and recent events. Headmaster Scott Nelson, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Ali Morgan, and 上学校 principal Jon Leef also spoke on the topic of systemic racism and what we can do to be upstanders who are actively anti-racist in our advocacy for a better world. In faculty-moderated breakout rooms, participants discussed their thoughts and feelings about the current events and the longstanding, painful history of racism in America. It was a powerful moment in our community that will inform students' social justice work for the summer, which will be coordinated by the Action Against Racism initiative, a group of students and faculty coordinated by Director of 公共目的 Rebecca Drago and Director of Diversity & Inclusion Ali Morgan. Summer social justice programming, which is a continuation of and a reflection on the year's work in this area, will include book clubs, engagement opportunities, and partnerships both on campus and in the local community.

          应届毕业生瑞安HAMMEL '20和贝拉法国'20组织和领导,通过500万彩票网镇四英里的行军,以示他们的支持和奉献精神为正义而战。数百名当地社区成员和RCDS学生,教师和工作人员参加了游行。散步也是一个筹款受益 保释项目,一个非营利性的破坏钱保释制度作为对刑事犯罪的种族和贫穷和团结与当地社区和运动的decarceration行为性的形式,旨在打击大规模监禁。迄今年3月至今,支持纾困计划的募集$ 5,418,远远超过了他们的$ 3,000的目标。

          反种族主义的资源和支持,请 访问此页.







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